In Trouble


After writing today’s post about sharing and threesomes, I got so hot that I texted Mr. D telling him how much I wanted him to do dirty things to me.  I had that scenario I wrote in my head and I couldn’t get it off my sex-addled mind.  The only problem is Mr. D was in the middle of teaching a technical class at work.  He texted back that he was sitting in front of his class with a hard on.  Ooops!  I knew better and I completely forgot where he was and what he was doing.  I’m in so much trouble.

How do you apologize to your Dom for errant, poorly timed hard-on inspiring texts?  If only men could hide the effects of their ardor like women can.  We don’t have the same problems as men in that department.

Do you think, “Rookie mistake by the woman from Venus…sorry man from Mars.” will work?  Yeah, me neither.

Images used under Creative Commons Public Domain by Théodore Chasseriau

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