Open to the Pain


First love, so innocent and pure

Hearts open wide

Life begins, lessons come

Success, failure intermingle

Love’s struggle and loves lost

Time a traitor

Hearts caged away

Protection the priority

Solitude our savior


Life conveys us forward

Children come and go

Loneliness taunting us

Cracks in our reason

Fissures in the armor

We seek once more

Hearts venture the risk


Hope carves a path

Light dissolves defenses

Joy conquers fear

Love fills the void


Traces of fear remain

Shadows of pain surge

Tides of anxiety ebb

Our love a stream

Our steps timid

Vulnerable and raw


Exposed you come to me

Vulnerable I meet you

Vestiges of armor fall

Venturing a hope

Caressing in joy

Together we blend

Love our cocoon

Desire warms our hearts

Our paths joined

Our future together

Image used under CC Public Domain by Edmund Leighton.

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