Mr. D wrote this on the night we drove each other crazy texting about rituals and protocols.  I still feel the heat of the moment and his need coming through his words.  How I love giving myself to this man.


It is in my heart and nature to accept subordination

I am at once aroused and captivated

Honing in on the subtle changes in my Girl

Her breathing changes

She gazes up at me with devotion in her eyes

She is aware of the tension and revels

Knowing I have her in my control

Kneeling before me, penitent

Waiting to be allowed to beg for her satiation

It’s my time and I take it

I stroke the clock dragging out the minutes

I do not touch her yet

Letting my presence fill her with anticipation

I know the moment

I sense the time is nigh

I start by whispering to her

Telling her of Daddy’s desires

Telling her she is my favorite

Daddy’s little slut

Mine for the taking and the taking is coming

I tell her to breathe deeply and smell the desire

I tie her hands behind her back

I stand before her naked and erect

Commanding her to look into my eyes and suckle me

I command her again to take the whole of me

Cooing and telling her how good Daddy feels

I take her hair in my hand and fuck her face

Drool drips from her chin

Her eyes water and she gasps for a breath

My cock swings covered in spittle

I kneel behind her

My manhood rests on her ass

I cup a breast

Gripping her neck

I pull her head back and tell her I am mad with desire

She is my Muse and Desire

I pinch her firm nipple

Eliciting another gasp

Speaking incessantly of her devotion and good behavior

I reward her with a ferocious spanking

Then and only then do I measure her desire

I command her to spread her knees

Kneeling in front of her I run my finger through her sex

Again she has done well and she is ready

I help her rise and bend her over the arm of a chair

I part her lips with my cock

Sinking slowly and totally into her

I take rapture in this

I command her to beg for my sex and my seed

She obeys

I take her hands – secured in hearty rope

Raising them and forcing her face over the chair

She lifts onto her toes to ease the pain

Presenting me with another angle to exploit her sex

I withdraw

Tracing slow circles on her ass

She shudders knowing…

I raise my hand and she jumps and whimpers

It is only pain I assure her

I smack her ass and delight in the jiggle

I love the color of her ass under my attention

The redness and raised welts

I drive my cock into her again and again

Only to withdraw and spank her

Beg I command

Beg for your heart’s desire

“Take Me Daddy, Please”

How can I not?

In the presence of unabated desire She craves my release, my pleasure

How can I not love this creature?

I am a man and this lovely servant, my slut

Epitomizes love and trust

In bliss I satiate myself in her

Untying her hands and helping her rise

I kiss her deeply

I sit in the chair

Commanding her to kneel and clean me

Knowing my release is dripping from her sex

Mine, in servitude

September 28, 2014

Image used under Creative Commons Public Domain.

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