The Taking of Amor

Mr. D and I have not been able to see each other as much lately.  Life interferes with our love and our play.  He sent me this one night we were both on fire for each other but unable to be together.   I just love this man and how he can set me on fire.


There is need upon me

Pulsing and straining to be released

To shower upon my slut

In that space between euphoria and reality

Where darkness lurks and desire is freely shared

I need her touch

Hot upon my skin

Her wetness taking my girth

My mouth consuming her body

Smothering her gasps

Then gagged and bound

My hand stinging her flesh

Giving into pain at my pleasure

Her moans filled with desire

My arousal increases

I need her beneath my lash

Quivering flesh pink and red

Gasps laden with pain filled ecstasy

Her acquiescence fulfills me

Serving to sate my lust

Knowing the fullness of my need

She gives and is rewarded

Tears of love mark our faces

Satiated we cuddle

Exhausted and better for it

September 20, 2014

Image used under Creative Commons Public Domain from Pixabay.

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