Back Door

erotic-429760_1280Mr. D has begun to prepare me for anal sex with him.  I have had anal sex before and I love it very much. But anal with Mr. D is going to take some practice.  First off, it’s been a couple years since I’ve gone there.  Second, well, Mr. D is quite generously built.  On our first date, he mentioned it in passing.  At the time, I remember thinking, that’s cute…he thinks he has a big unit and that it would matter to me.  It’s supposed to matter, right?  Or it’s not.  I never know which direction to go with that stereotypical argument.

Anyhow, when Mr. D and I first slept together, I found out exactly what the man was trying to tell me.  Holy moly, did I find out.  I left his place the next day walking funny and wondering if my body would eventually accommodate him.  I really was concerned that we might not fit together that way.  Can you imagine, later that week trying to open a conversation with your best friend, a guy, about this particular topic?  I was desperate to know if I could adapt.   “So, the guy I met?  Yeah, it went incredibly well.  I slept with him last weekend…. So, have you ever been in a situation where you weren’t sure if you and the girl uh fit together?”  Talk about blush worthy!

Thankfully, it turned out that I was able to accommodate his size.  It did not take that long.  I still end up walking funny sometimes but it is a small price to pay for the incredible way Mr. D makes me feel.  Plus, I’m pretty sure he enjoys laughing at me walking like that.

So, now we are starting with anal plugs.  Mr. D used one on me a week ago.  He slowly inserted his finger, that felt incredible.  He is really amazing in how he touches me. After warming me up he inserted the plug.  As I was adjusting to it inside me, he began playing with my pussy.  The longer the plug was in the more it burned.  I had seen the plug before he put it in…it was very small.  I couldn’t imagine why I was having a problem with this.  I am not that sensitive.  I took it for a short while but finally I asked him to take it out.  Something was not right.  Back to the drawing board.

After our session, I did some research online.  Apparently, a lower grade silicone can burn you in your sensitive regions.  So, a higher grade silicone or switching to latex toys was the solution.  Mr. D was very ingenious and the next time we were together he wrapped the plug in a condom.  It worked like a charm, no burning.  We learned a lesson and I’m rather pleased to know that I’m not so sensitive that we couldn’t continue.  Mr. D says that he has only tried anal once and they weren’t completely successful.  I really want to give him this experience.  He is so much more worldly than me.  I didn’t think there was any sexual position or act that he hadn’t done with someone else before.  I’m thrilled at the possibility of being able to give him something no one else has.

Image used under Creative Commons Public Domain from Pixabay

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