Afternoon Delight

Because we haven’t had our usual nights and weekends together, Mr. D and I have found other ways to see each other.  I asked him if we could meet at my place for lunch.  This was his reply.
I am having her for lunch
Meeting discretely at her place
I am aroused
Hard with desire at my thoughts
Moist in the cleft of her chest
Her taste at midday
The slapping of our bodies
Sliding together in a sheen of sweat
Spanking her nipples
Kissing her deeply
Biting naked flesh; her neck and shoulders
Pulling her hair
Pounding her with my meat
Taking all the pleasure allowed in the hour we get
Wanting more – even before it begins
Always more…
More of her mind
More of her body
More of her heart and soul
My Muse and My Desire
My lunch
September 25, 2014
Image used under Creative Commons Public Domain from Pixabay

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