The Giving and the Taking

The letter that follows is from Mr. D.  I have read it many times and finally felt that it should be shared here on my site.  It is part of our growth and our learning in the lifestyle. EA

The Giving and the Taking

It has been said that Doms take and Subs give.  While this is true to an extent; it is not always as simple as it seems.   I am a dominant man that has been called Daddy, Sweet Daddy, or something similar for a long time and I normally take what is offered in gentle and earnest pleasure with my partners. 

The lovely lady I am in love with is drawing from me my darkness – freeing my soul to act in a manner that we deem appropriate.  I know she desires that I reciprocate and I want to desperately shatter her walls and free her spirit.  To bask in the joy and optimism she brings to everything.  I pushed her once before and took her for my own desires.  Used her and felt the joy and power in it.  She reveled in the sex and dominance until she doubted my affections and then suffered in doubt and worry until I was sated…  (I did not take that lightly and honored her by reprimanding her at length.)  We are in this together – in love, lust, abandon, subjugation, release, rebirth, and dominance.  If there are doubts stop and give them freedom to be assuaged and released. 

I have never felt this way before.  My love life and my kinky life didn’t cross overmuch.  But I am drawn to this Lovely Kinky Sexy Wanton Woman – in the basking of and plundering of emotional and physical heights.  The exploration and releasing of the demons and desires that are buried in us is a bit formidable.  I am not without fear but that isn’t what prevails; it is the abiding knowledge that once released the monster must be slain and we will test our new and burgeoning love against the burdens of our past.  I do not know the depths of her pain nor she of my inherent self-loathing. 

In life there is no real reward without somewhat of a risk.  I relish the journey we are taking – a life together.  I am overly indulgent in our bonding and coupling and want to please her overmuch.  I demand her honesty and openness and am keenly dedicated to understanding her needs and thoughts.  Thus I have done a good thing through indulgence and committed an injustice by not understanding the anchor of the past. 

So, the giving and the taking….   I am going to ardently take steps to relieve her burden, share her awakening and rebirth, and devote myself to providing her the safe place and opportunity to explore and discard the past through physical pain and emotional support.  I take this responsibility and in return will give her the wholeness of my heart, offering myself and our love as a foundation for our future, and provide her with unending support.   I love you EA.


Photo by Bcow with permission through CC and found here.

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