Crazed and Confused

Here is a poem I received from Mr. D while I was away at Burning Man.  As soon as I hit the pavement, leaving the dust behind, I found these words waiting for me.  I love his thoughts of us.  I loved feeling him across the miles.  It was a very long fevered drive home but I finally was able to be in his arms again.
I sit here contemplating us
A cold beverage a smoky cigar
Need and desire unwavering
I think of you 
I am heartened that I have you
Crazed that you are away
Awaiting your return
I think of you
Looking through the smoke
 Feeling the sun on my skin
A lover’s caress
I think of you
 Tasting the alcohol on my lips
I am parched
Only you can quench my thirst
I think of you
I am filled with desire
Wanting your lips
Needing your touch
I think of you
I am crazed and confused
Needing your presence
Wanting your light
I think of you…
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