I think it’s really possible I’m too tired to write tonight.  I used to write a blog many years ago and when the service shut down I copied all my posts to a Word document so I could save them.   As I copied post after post I noticed that almost all the posts were written at 10am or 3pm.  I realized then that I have a writing sweet spot during those times.  So, 10pm at night may not be the most optimal.  But, I wanted to write tonight and I have some free time so here we are.

When Mr. D tried out the violet wand on me he chose to bind my hands for the occasion. He is quite adept with the rope.  He chose a thick rope and knew how to bind my wrists in such a way that they were secure yet did not tighten when I struggled against them.  He took out the violet wand and mentioned to me that it was not a full powered version.  This set my mind at ease.  Prior to that, I had some trepidation about the experience.  As he brought the wand close to my skin, I saw the blue electricity arc between my skin and the device.  It was a soft jolt across my skin, more of a tender zapping feeling than anything else.  But watching the blue lightning move across my skin was hypnotic.  I can’t wait to try it again. 

After teasing me with the wand, Mr. D began teasing me in earnest.  Once he was inside me I knew the desperation of one who is bound and cannot touch.  I desperately love to touch him.  It is as if all my being is in my fingertips and I cannot breath him in without touching him.  It was pure torture.  To have him thrusting into me and not be able to grab him, pull him closer, stroke his face, pull his hips deeper into me…yes, torture.  However, I did find that I loved the bindings for another reason.  I wrapped the rope that kept me tied to the headboard around my hands and used it for purchase.  It gave me an anchor.  I was no longer adrift on a sea of thrusting, swirling sensation.  I had an anchor to grip and fight against.  I loved it.

Mr. D had blindfolded me earlier to tease me with the wand.  Fortunately, he let me push it off.  I was entranced by the blue lightning and wanted to see it.  The secondary pleasure then was that I could watch him thrusting in me.  I could look into his eyes, see his darkness flourish about me.  As he thrust, he asked me what I wanted.  He forced the words out of me with each thrust.  I wanted him to come on me…not in me this time.  I just had to feel him covering me.  It was erotic, it was messy, but it was so very hot. 


7 thoughts on “Bound

  1. Ah the joys of restraint! I initially did not like being tied for the very reason you cite, not being able to touch. But the abandon it gives. The fact that you are bound in space and time to experience that moment…is heaven.

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