Is it okay to be mouthy if you are a submissive?  I found myself being playful in bed last night with Mr. D and it’s possible it came across as mouthy.  At that particular moment, I was ‘feeling my oats’ I guess.  I was feeling, I’m not sure, but a bit ornery in the good sense of the word.  I wanted to play and I ended up doing so with him. 

One thing that happened was Mr. D putting me on top to ride him.  He decided to tease me and after me riding him a couple minutes, he asked, “What does baby girl want? Daddy back on top?”  Which, he knows I want.  He thrusts oh so much deeper and stronger than I can.  At that moment, though, I was enjoying the ride.  I want to get better at that position.  It was working my thighs and I tried different speeds.  He let me do what I wanted for a little while and finally, with a smirk I couldn’t keep squelched I asked back, “What does Daddy want?” Bad girl! 

Do you ever find yourself acting on the immediate thought and then wondering about it later?  I’ve gotten myself in trouble that way before.  But sometimes, it’s too fun to let the first thoughts fly in word and deed and let the chips fall where they may.  Life is for the living.  If you think before you act every time, well, life just gets boring.

Mr. D said I’d pay…so, it may be that I will soon feel the effects of my rash jump to fun.  It was worth it…I hope! 🙂


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