Good Morning


I am back from Burning Man and have yet to clean the dust from my things and the cobwebs from my mind.  I thought I’d stop in today simply to say Good Morning and let you know I haven’t forgotten about writing to you.  I love writing to you, truly.  I feel my heart sing, I feel the temperature rise as I type the sordid things that pass through my mind and life’s experience.  Today, though, I feel like snuggling back in bed and snuggling up with my Love. 

Tomorrow, I see him.  Tomorrow, I will feel him again.  Tomorrow, tomorrow. Don’t start singing…I know I did.  Damned earwigs.  See, my mind drifts so simply.  After a week off the planet, it’s taking me a couple days to wrap my busy life about me again. 

Love and hugs my Lovelies. 

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