Off to Uncharted Territory


Good morning Lovelies.  I will be off the grid for most of this week.  I’m heading out to Burning Man to experience a different kind of exploration.  I am so sad this morning to leave my Mr. D behind but he has given me his blessing to go and explore and have all the fun I can find out on the Playa.  So, I will miss him deeply and miss telling you all my secret thoughts but I hope to come back refreshed and revitalized for more adventures at the end of the week.


2 thoughts on “Off to Uncharted Territory

    1. I did enjoy it very much. It is not an easy vacation by any means but it is worth doing.

      I did get locked out the first day and spent a night in Reno but the upside of that was that the rain knocked down all the dust for the next 3 days. Absolutely perfect weather in my opinion. No dust storms until Friday. Yes!

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