I’m so incredibly blessed to be loved by a man who sees me the way Mr. D sees me. These are his words and they make me swell with pride to be loved by him.

Silhouettes, lines, and desire
Curves she has aplenty
Clean lines and long golden hair
She doesn’t realize how sexy she is
She’s the object of my desire
I love her form
I dream of her posing for me
Her curves accentuated in the light
Her hair hanging loose or in braids
Head thrown back
Lips moistened and glistening

Legs apart, bent over, one hand on her knee, turning to look at me
Her sex exposed for my leering eyes

On her tummy in bed, head on her hands, knees bent,
Ankles crossed above her ass, arousing me in innocence

Naked and lounging on her back, hands behind her head
Breasts full and hips begging for my touch

In heels, legs crossed with hands gripping her ankles
Fishnets clinging to her legs and beguiling ass

On her knees, ass on her heels, hands in her lap
Head down, filling my desire with unbridled power and passion

Head on my chest, eyes gazing up into mine
Mewling softly and rubbing my chest

At a baseball game, bright red cap, blonde hair, sparkling eyes, and full lips
Smiling at me, radiating warmth and beauty

My desire is continually piqued as she provides ample new and lasting fantasies in the flesh
My mind reels and my imagination manifests vivid portraits of her in little or nothing
Servicing my needs, lounging in blissful subspace, cuddling me, and sitting at the desk at the computer…
She is beautiful and voluptuous and unaware of the magnitude of her beauty and its effect on me.

August 12, 2014

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