The Dark Side

rapeI posted Mr. D’s words for two reasons.  I want to have a running commentary and history here of our experiences growing in this lifestyle.  I also want to see his words and feel his touch within them as part of my world.  So, I don’t post everything he writes of us or for me but I will post what he writes that I think is relevant to the story. I don’t plan on posting everything I write or experience either.  As public as this exploration is in this venue, it is our private world and some things are only for us.  With that said, I want to share the rest of our Friday evening.

After we returned home from the beach, we had settled down a bit from the excitement we had there.  The passion was simmering in the background.  When we arrived, we said our hellos to my roommate and ate the chocolates we bought earlier.  As I sat there next to him, listening to them talk and savoring my treat, I knew I wanted him in earnest.  I rose and went to the bedroom.  I took off all my clothes except for the lacy, red panties I had bought for the evening.  They were G-strings with a tiny gauze skirt attached and the back of the G formed a V to frame out the derriere.  I love how they looked.  I’ll find a picture of them for you in a moment.

Mr. D followed to the bedroom almost immediately.  I think he was far more polite to my roommate than had been my unexpected departure.  I had other things than manners on my mind.  He came into the room and I saw raw passion in his gaze.  I love that feeling of him ravishing me with his eyes.  He took in the red lace and told me how much he liked seeing them under the moonlight at the monument.

I met him at the bottom of the bed.  I wanted him to bend me over the bed the way he’d bent me over the cement outside.  I wanted to feel as if we had continued with no break, as if no intruders had chased us away from that secluded spot.  But as he bent me over and pushed inside me, it felt as if his manhood had grown twice the size.  I felt like he would split me in two.  I don’t know if it was the position or my body being at the end of its stamina, but I just couldn’t stay in that position.  I was tormented.  I wanted him but my body was rebelling.  Before Mr. D arrived on the scene, it had been a good year and a half since I’d had sex.  Going from no sex at all to more sex than I’ve ever had has done a number on my body.  At first, I was loving the tiredness in my body, the feel of his mark on me….but at that moment at the end of the bed I was dismayed that my body was being a traitor to my desires.

He looked questioningly at me as I turned and scooted up onto the bed.  I laid on my back to accept him between my legs but immediately thought better of that position.  My groin muscles had been crying at me that morning while we were together.  Damn it all, I needed another way.  I shifted my body so that I was on my side trying for something else.  Right about then I heard deep male laughter.  Mr. D was chuckling to himself watching me go through these rapid shifting positions.

“Poor little girl wants Daddy so bad she doesn’t know what she wants.”  At that precise moment I was tortured but I laughed in spite of myself.  Yes, dammit, that’s exactly it.  He pegs me every time.  How on earth does he read my mind when I’m having a hard time figuring it out myself?

At this point I can’t remember what position we ended up in but I was happy he chose and pushed inside me.  I can’t describe properly how amazing he feels inside me.  It just takes me away.  He felt so good and pushed me past the discomfort into the pleasure.  We were heavy into it and Mr. D was changing angles several times, slowing and then increasing speed.  At some point, we stopped and took a break.  Neither one of us was coming near the edge and I think both of us were feeling body fatigue.

We had used each other up completely on the past weekend.  After I got home, I still couldn’t believe we’d had sex as many times as we had over those days.  Monday morning arrived and I had been kicked a week ahead into my period.  At first, I really thought maybe something was wrong and I was bleeding.  But, I realized the next day that it was just my period and I was still uncomfortable from all the activity.

So, here it is, a few days later and we’re having sex again.  On Thursday, I was feeling the effects and even though I wanted him badly it was the middle of my period and my body was yelling at me.  I was not in my best form.  My body was not giving me that smooth glide of wetness that usually comes so immediately when he enters me.  Mr. D had started back to the gym that day after an extended break because of having an appendectomy.  Needless to say, we were both a bit sore.

At that point I wondered if we were done and going to give up for the evening.  It sucks when your body will not behave.  I started back to the gym myself recently for this very reason.  I need to be more responsive and strong for this, for him.

Honestly, I don’t know what happened then.  Something switched in Mr. D.  We were lying on the bed together, snuggling.  Then as I was caressing him I found his manhood in my hands and leaned down to taste him. I don’t remember if we were talking before that. But I could see that he had changed.  A darkness had come over him.  He put his hands on my neck and I felt the pressure of his grip on me.  It wasn’t hard enough to choke me or hurt me really but it gave me the crystal clear understanding that he was dominating me.  I gasped and immediately felt a wash of something come over me.  I heard myself panting almost as if I was outside watching.  I couldn’t control myself at all.  I was swept completely away by the darkness in his eyes, his dominance exerting itself on me, and his hands pressing harder and tighter on my neck.  Oh God, I wanted him so badly in that moment.  I lost myself in the feeling of him dominating me.  He continued to choke me and I was pressed hard under his weight.  I know he spoke, I think he told me how I was his, but I have no clear memory of it.  I just remember his hands, his eyes and his dominance.  It filled me with the dark passion as nothing ever has.  I wanted for nothing, I was just there for him to receive what he gave.  He flipped me over and told me to arch my back and raise my ass up.  He mounted me from behind and pushed his manhood between my closed thighs piercing my sex wide from behind.  He pumped into me that way and I felt his palms press me into the bed at the shoulders.  It was fast, it was raw and I was so gone.

After only a few minutes I heard him say, “I’m sorry baby but this is all for Daddy.”  Then I heard him grunt and gasp and felt him fill me with his juices.  I was flying with exaltation in that moment.  I had been used, I had served, I had been a toy for his pleasure.  Once his hands on my neck had put me in that mental space, that was all I wanted.  I couldn’t have asked but he knew what I needed in that moment and delivered it by taking for himself.tumblr_lu2i4se65c1r4vlkko1_500

I’m still in awe.  I want that again…and again…and again.



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