I was having a particularly bad day dealing with someone who was working very hard to hurt me.  They were hurting me by manipulation, through guilt.  The weapons of language were being leveled in a battle of power and I was losing dreadfully.  I wanted to keep this hurt to myself.  I didn’t want to share my weakness but in the end I needed help and I confided in Mr. D.

He was able to take me out of the battle, to help me regain my strength.  Mainly and crucially he gave me a shoulder to lean on and someone to talk to so I wasn’t alone.  He told me I was strong and I could handle this.  I felt relieved to have him and relieved to know that it was possible to deal with this person.

After this happened, Mr. D wrote the following for me…images7DV0GEID


Submission is control

Control of your entire self

Your emotions and feelings

Your desires and wants

Your actions and reactions

Submission is allowing others to have power

Yet knowing your worth and value

It is not just a boudoir activity but a life choice

Submission is power in the face of adversity

Submission dictates humility in the bedroom

Conversely it portends relationship equality

Allows dominance in professional settings

And is the foundation of peace

Inherently it is the Yin to the Yang

The lullaby to the crying babe

The peace before the storm

You are the foundation

You are inherently and wonderfully submissive

You are free thinking, intelligent, and trusting

You feel your way through things and take them to heart

You are an equal, a leader, and my better half

I love your power yet deference

I cherish your touch on my body and words on my soul

I crave your thoughts and desires

I love you my Baby Girl, my Slut, my Heart.

July 18, 2014

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