I Want to Show You

Kneeling, she rises to her feet, stepping with grace and purpose to the stage. Soft breezes blow in the quiet evening air, causing her long flaxen tresses to swirl and billow about her lithe form, exposing sun kissed thighs to the hungry eyes of those beyond the stage.Raising her arms above her head, chin high to expose the naked column of her neck, showing all who care to notice that she is slave, free from the trappings of a collar though bound by her need to submit. She claps her hands with boundless energy, the music begins.The haunting sounds of wind instruments fill the air as the deep sensation of the drums join in to penetrate her soul forcing her to move. She crossing one ankle in front of the other, she pivots on the balls of her feet turning away from the audience.

Putting their presence out of her mind, she begins to undulate her hips, her arms dropping to her sides to let them move naturally with the swaying movement of her tempting curves.

Eyes close as the building music awakens her passion, her movements quicken in her desire. Her hands cup her undulating hips, the caress accentuating their taunting action. Moving up her firm body, touching the curving indent of her waist, tickling up her rib cage to find the lusciousness of her ample breasts. Fingers brush her smooth nipples. They awaken to her all knowing touch, tightening at the sensation.

Her mind ignited in the pure ecstasy of the dance, her movements take her across the floor stopping smoothly at the pole erected center stage. The pole fixes her in place, demanding she submit her every wanton need. She writhes against its unforgiving hardness, easing her flushed skin down its length as she moves to wrap one thigh around it to slide down to the ground.
Hands gripping the pole, her body seething away from it only to return to its unrelenting presence, holding her prisoner. Releasing the pole she cleaves to the cool floor, rolling over to press her back into it, her delicious breasts rising with each panting breath.
Knowing the ache within her, the heat burning through her is her need for submission, she feels the only way is to relinquish herself to completely. Throwing her head back, her wild mane charms the golden strands of moonlight from the rising moon. Their silky touch caresses her as she opens her thighs.
Her honey glistening treasure full of its sweet nectar is exposed, she hungers for someone to touch her. Feeling the need for release deep inside growing beyond her control, consuming her every thought, her small hands cover her smooth triangle of desire.
She moans in her awakening submission. Knowing her release is no longer in her own hands, knowing that it is for Him to decide, to grant, to allow. She resigns herself to the ever present need and bows her head.

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