His Words

Mr. D has found his voice and it speaks to me.  He speaks of us and of the world and the lifestyle.  I marvel at his depth and am thrilled to be on this journey with him.



Thank you




Juxtaposed meanings

Personal preferences

Inalienable rights

Fishbowl life

Societal denigration

Why do they care?

It is our lot; not theirs

I choose kink and color

Sans conservative drab

Rope, cuffs, chain, restraints

Spanking, dripping, lascivious, sex

Power exchange, dominant, Daddy

Creative contact – bonded in purpose

Roles defined, adherence demanded

Committed in purpose

Submit to me and be free

Take flight in our connection

You are mine by our consummation

Fire and ice; pleasure and pain

Demands made of each other

Never to be sullied or cheapened

I love your trust

Am honored by you

Humbled in my role

Daddy thanks his Baby Girl

July 1, 2014



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