Future Doors


Occasionally, I will post my Dominant’s writings as well as my own.  I want to see the progression through time and feel how the emotions of the two sides of this lifestyle mix.


Future Doors

The present is but a moment in time

It is now and then gone

To be cogent and aware of this moment

At the peril of the future is tantamount to failure

Decisions, like forks in the road

Forever changing outcomes

Desire driven dreams fuel motion

Permeating the grey of the unknown with purpose

Change is inevitable

Drive creates opportunity

Dreaming of the new

Opening paths to imagination

Burgeoning inspiration

My dreams are rampant

Ideology intact, I charge forward

Opening doors and surveying all that can be

Doors… to your soul

To our future together

To dreams undreamt

My Muse, my inspiration

Pulse quickens

Hope springs

Imagination soars

The future seems bigger than life…

June 30, 2014

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