Color in Kind



My Love chose to respond to my poetry with his own poetry.  I am going to post his work on my site as well.  I feel that when one Muse sparkles a Muse in return, the two should be shared together.


I love the timeless dance with you.
The fiery tango.
Your pleading words delivered from supple lips.
Smothered by my mouth and the painting of our intertwined bodies
Bathed in brilliant color.
Color me red with desire
Orange and yellow with a passion bright,
White as the color of untamed heat,
Green with hope and new birth,
Gray as the ash from which our  passion gains new life, and
Sky blue the color of the simple comfort and peace
I also find when encircled and ensorcelled by your love.
You are my darling,  my muse, my siren, my Baby Girl, and my slut.   You are mine to dominate and protect.  You are mine to lavish with love and respect.  You are mine to show off and chastise as the situation and my mood dictate.   Simply.  You are mine!   You stir my blood, pull passion from me as if I were an unending source, demand my sex to respond and it is hard now reading your thoughts and thinking of you, I am a man on a mission to revolutionize what in-love means and be the standard by which all others lovers are measured.

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