Starting Anew


I met a man.  Really, anything can follow that statement.  I met a man for a meeting.  I met a man who sells light bulbs.  I met a man at Starbucks.  But really, today, it means more.  I met a man on Fet Life and as soon as I read his email, as soon as I read his profile, I needed to meet him.  I have a whole lot of timid in me.  I usually am contacted and I take the communication slowly.  I email, I text, I learn about the person….then I stall, I get busy, and ultimately find a reason not to ever meet them.  Not this time.

From the moment I felt his virtual touch, I had to meet him.  He just felt right.  He was a fit.  In his approach, in his gentlemanly qualities, in his subtle and calm feel.  I felt comfortable and excited.  I met a man.  The sentence means a world more now.  I’m excited to learn how to be in a lifestyle relationship in earnest.  I’m excited to feel Dominance.  I don’t know anything about Daddy/baby girl play but I’m looking forward to that too.

I feel a world of possibilities opening to me.  The door is open wide and I’m already through it.  How’s that for timid?

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